Business Coaching

Coaching At Work

In the corporate world, where coaching was once the exclusive perk of executives and rising stars, it is becoming a standard part of the organizational toolkit to help employees, managers, supervisors,
and, yes, executives in their personal development and achievement.

Organizations have learned that highly motivated and fulfilled employees at all levels produce high-performance results for the organization. In fact, many organizations are now bringing coach training into the organization, so that coaching skills and the coaching context are developed

Team Coaching

In a related way, the past few years have seen the emergence of a new branch of coaching: team coaching. It is a complementary approach to individual coaching, not a substitute. In a world that is increasingly aware of the power of teams inside organizations, team coaching is on the rise.

Team coaching can be used for high-performing teams, or teams that want to raise their level of performance. The coaching of a team to perform a task is based on the same principles as coaching individuals. The more aware a team is both individually and collectively, the better it will perform.

Coaching and Leadership