About us

Sibeh is a pioneer in helping people and organizations transform and develop themselves for the better. In our work, we put the heart and soul into organizations and businesses to unleash people and realize their potential.

Founded in 2006, Sibeh is a leader in providing Life and business coaching services, coach training and leadership programmes.

To be your transformation partner.
An individual, an Entrepreneur, an Executive, a small business or a team in a large organization, we work with you as your partner till you turn your dreams into goals and your goals into sustainable reality.


Ommid J Faghani


Ommid J. Faghani was educated in US, UK and Canada. He has studied engineering, microbiology and has an MBA and MSc in management. He is currently researching for a Doctorate degree in management. His main areas of interest and research are personal development, motivation and leadership. He has lectured at universities and conducts personal development and management workshops.

Ali Sekhavati, Co-Active Coach


Ali Sekhavati has studied software engineering and business. Being an entrepreneur, he is passionate about change and fulfillment in life and work. He works as a personal and team coach to help individuals and businesses evolve.
Ali writes a personal blog here.


Coaching and Leadership